Completed Projects

Research Program Project number Project name Project length End date
1 A.1.1718104 North Queensland agricultural market and supply chain study 1 year
2 AT.2.1718054 Building the Traditional Owner-led bush products sector 1 year
7 A.7.1819078 Capturing the ASEAN Agricultural opportunity for northern Australia 4 months
1 A.1.1819039 Mackay, Isaac, Whitsunday agribusiness export supply chain mapping study 10 months
7 A.7.1718124 Northern Australia agriculture investor identification and analysis 7 months
7 AHT.7.1718129 Northern Australian Communication Analysis 1 year
1 H.1.1819103 Northern Australia health service delivery situational analysis 8 months
1 A.1.1718117 Northern Australian beef sector industry situational analysis study 18 months
1 A.1.1718119 Northern Australia aquaculture industry situational analysis study 12 months
1 A.1.1819043 Growth of agricultural exports from FNQ through enhanced supply chains 1 year
7 A.7.1920001 NT Prioritising, de-risking and brokering agricultural development in the Northern Territory 6 months
1 A.1.1718122 Northern forestry and forest products situational analysis 10 months
7 A.7.1920001WA Prioritising, de-risking and brokering agricultural development in Western Australia 6 months
1 A.1.1718014 Evaluation of the potential to expand horticultural industries in Northern Australia 1.5 years
1 A.1.1718120 Northern Australia rice industry situational analysis study 1.5 years
7 A.7.1718101 Reframing smart supply chains in Northern Australia 1 year
1 A.1.1718113 Biosecurity in northern Australian prawn aquaculture 2 years
7 A.7.1920001 Prioritising, de-risking and brokering agricultural development in northern Queensland 6 months
3 A.3.1718083 Smart supply chains 2.5 years
1 A.1.1718118 Northern Australian broadacre cropping situational analysis 10 months
4 AT.4.1718111 Business on country: Land use diversification on the Indigenous estate 2 years
7 A.7.1920043 Improving water markets and trading through new digital technologies 6 months
4 AT.4.1718040 Building horticultural production knowledge and capacity within indigenous enterprise 3 years
2 HT.2.1718007 Enabling a traditional Australian medicinal plants agribusiness 2 years 4 months
1 A.1.1718097 Exporting perishable commodities to Asia: Developing a stakeholder collaboration model 3years
3 A.3.1718105 Transforming mango futures 3 years
2 AT.2.1718098 Cherabin aquaculture production as an enabler for Indigenous business development 3 years