CRCNA sample project agreements

Any individual or organisation participating or contributing to a CRCNA project is required to sign an agreement with the CRCNA.  

The table below provides an overview of the different types of agreements between the CRCNA and our participants.  You can click on the agreement type to review a sample agreement.


Agreement types
When agreements are applied

Head Agreement

A research agreement which is legally binding between CRCNA and the research provider. This agreement type is our main contract, formalising the researchers’ obligations to undertake the project and achieve the milestones as described in Annexure B. Annexures A B C D E form a head agreement, with a title page.

  • Annexure A -  provides an overview of the investment to date from research provider
  • Annexure B - is the Project Plan which forms the basis of the collaborative research agreement between all participants and co-funders
  • Annexure C - special conditions as negotiated
  • Annexure D Terms of Agreement
  • Annexure E - CRC Standard terms 

Where a participant is receiving and/or contributing funds – cash expenditure to the project and is responsible for milestone delivery.


Participant Declaration

(in-kind only)

This declaration acknowledgement stipulates the contributions a participant will contribute to the individual project

The participant should have all rights, title, licences, interests, property, and regulatory approvals necessary to lawfully perform its obligations under the Participant Declaration and schedule – project plan

Participant declarations are used when a participant is not expending any cash but is contributing in-kind only through FTE amounts and/or non-staff in-kind contribution to the project.

Contribution Deed (cash + in-kind) This is an agreement contracting a project participant who is providing a cash contribution (or cash plus in-kind). They are listed as a participant but are not carrying out specific activities.

The participant is nominated as a participant, contributing cash (or cash plus in-kind) but not expending it. They are not responsible for delivering activities.

Deed of variation


This deed is used when CRCNA and a research provider agree to vary the terms of their currently executed agreement. Changes will be specified in the deed.

A DOV will be issued to participants with head agreements that need a formal variation to their agreement by changes to a project and/or contracted financials.

DoV via written agreement A written agreement either by email or letter confirming simple variation request.

An email can be used to confirm a simple variation such as :

  • Change of name of participant or contact details
  • Corrections to typos or omissions which don’t fundamentally alter the Plan or agreement

A letter co-signed by lead participant or co-funder can be used to confirm:

  • Extension of project end date where it does not impact
    • on the end date reported in the Commonwealth Agreement
    • Value of the milestone
    • Overall budget
    • Financial year
Participant declaration - notice of variation/ variation letters Where there is a formal change to a project and/or contracted financials this will apply to participants to legally advise change/s Project participants and/or Co funders will be formally advised of any project plan variations.