The CRCNA welcomes all parties with an interest in developing Northern Australia to become a Member.

Membership is a nominal fee of $110 (GST inclusive) per annum.

CRCNA Members include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Corporate entities
  • Industry bodies
  • Community groups
  • Research organisations
  • Universities
  • All Northern jurisdictions
  • Development authorities
  • International partners

A registered entity seeking to apply for CRCNA Membership must appoint an individual as its Representative. The Member may remove or replace its Representative by contacting the CRCNA head office during business hours (9am - 5pm AEST) on 07 4401 5035 or via email

All information regarding CRCNA Membership is sent to the Member (an individual) or the Member’s Representative, so it’s essential the contact information for this person is kept up-to-date and the CRCNA is notified of any changes.

The CRCNA Membership structure ensures any entity, be it an individual, company, research organisation or Government is equal.

Membership benefits

A Member of the CRCNA will:

  • Receive all information regarding the CRCNA and our funding calls
  • Be eligible to receive funding from the CRCNA for approved projects
  • Be able to nominate for the CRCNA Board
  • Be invited to attend the CRCNA AGM and other events that may be held
  • Be able to vote at the CRCNA AGM


Anyone can apply to be a CRCNA Member, providing :

  • The CRCNA Board deems they have a demonstrated interest in the Company (CRCNA)
  • The CRCNA Board considers would benefit the Company by becoming a Member
  • The CRCNA Board determines the applicant eligible (at their discretion)
  • The applicant is a registered entity or an individual

Approval process

Once a Membership application form is received, the CRCNA staff vet the application and forward their recommendation to the CRCNA Board.  A majority vote is required from the Board for an application to be deemed successful.  Once this approval has been granted, an invoice will be sent to the applicant for the nominated fee.

A Member is not considered to be “financial” until this fee is paid in full.

Nominate for Membership

CRCNA Constitution

Request a copy of the CRCNA Constitution.