CQ University PhD Elevate Scholarship

Position overview

Recent research has pointed out the detrimental effects of increasing high nighttime temperature on crop yields and quality.Globally, night-time temperatures are rising even faster than daytime temperatures. Such a differential increase in day and night temperature will result in a reduced diurnal temperature range, which has been shown to affect crop growth and development significantly in many crops. High nighttime temperature stimulates night respiration, unfavourably affecting the crop carbon balance. High night-time temperature also leads to higher evaporative demand negatively affecting crop-water balance, resulting in decreased crop water and carbon use efficiency. All these phenomena are not yet fully understood.

A depth of understanding in plant physiological adaptation, molecular mechanisms and genetic control supported by crop modelling will aid in the targeted breeding for HNT tolerance in crops.

This project has been established as a collaboration between the CRC for Developing Northern Australia, CQUniversity Australia and Kansas State University of USA, giving the project a truly global scope. Therefore, the selected candidate is required to travel frequently in the field and between Australia and USA.

Role details

Scholarship Value: $30,000 stipend per year (total value of scholarship $112,500) Additional travel support will be provided for travel between Australia and USA

Length of Scholarship: 3 years

Number Available: 1

Opening Date: 01 July 2020

Closing Date: 31 July 2020