The awarding of a CRCNA PhD Scholarship is a merit-based process.  Applicants will be assessed on the quality of their application, previous experience and ability to meet the candidate expectations.

Existing PhD students  

In the instances where a research project has been received as part of the Expression of Interest funding call, the PhD student may be included in this plan to undertake some or all the research work. Students participating in these research collaborations are eligible to apply for CRCNA training and/or professional development bursaries when they become available, if they are not receiving CRCNA scholarship funding.

This includes PhD students currently working on projects funded in the 17/18 and 18/19 funding rounds.

CRCNA Scholarship application process

  1. PhD Scholar Application submitted to CRCNA Education Coordinator.
  2. Once PhD Scholar approved by CRCNA, student and supervisors are informed.
  3. Students apply for Australian Government Research Training Program(RTP) Stipend Scholarship or provide evidence of having applied, if unsuccessful.
  4. Students receiving RTP will receive top-up payment from CRCNA (to bring to a maximum amount of $50,000 p.a. exclusive of GST)
  5. Students on full CRCNA Scholarship will receive scholarship to value of maximum $50,000 p.a. (exclusive of GST)
  6. CRCNA Education Program Coordinator, student and university work together to execute relevant agreements.
  7. PhD Scholar commences at agreed university and starts work on project.
  8. PhD Scholar sent induction package from CRCNA, including policies related to publications, presentations, use of CRCNA and project partners’ logos, communications and reporting.

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