The “Conditions of Award” are intended to supplement the codes of practise for postgraduate supervision and higher degree regulations of the administering universities as well as providing a framework for managing outcomes and financial accountability.  In matters of potential conflict between the CRCNA “Conditions of Award” and the codes and regulations of the administering university, the university documents will take precedence.


To be eligible for a CRCNA Postgraduate Scholarship applicants are required to:

  • Be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia or international students with student visa enabling enrolment full time at an Australian university.
  • Have enough funding to pay any tuition fees not covered by the CRCNA Scholarship.
  • Be assessed by the enrolling university to have met all conditions for admission to the CRCNA PhD program, including English language requirements for international students.
  • Have research subject areas aligned with the objectives of the CRCNA and have a clearly articulated research question and approach related to this research focus.
  • Have completed an undergraduate course with 1st class or high 2nd class Honours or the equivalent.
  • Not hold the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or have submitted work to the university or any other institution in fulfilment of the requirements for a degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

The award (for 2019 PhD Scholarship)

The successful candidate will be provided with a CRCNA scholarship to the value of $50,000 per annum (ex GST).

Domestic students will be expected to apply for a RTP  or equivalent scholarship, while international students will be expected to apply for scholarships at their nominated university for stipend and tuition support.

The 2019 Research Training Program (RTP) living allowance stipend rate is $27,596 per annum ( indexed annually), which is tax-free for three years.

The CRCNA is proposing to top up any RTP stipend payments to bring the total value of the scholarship to $50,000 per annum ( ex GST).

The CRCNA is proposing to offer a full scholarship to the value of $50,000 per annum (ex GST), for students who’ve been unsuccessful securing an RTP, but have the right attributes to undertake the research.


  • The principal supervisor will be from any Australian university who meets the supervisory requirements of the university.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to have a minimum number of two (2) supervisors
  • Supervisors will be approved by the CRCNA and the relevant university.


  • Applicants will have a First Class Honours degree or equivalent and should be eligible for a Category 1 scholarship or equivalent.
  • A PhD Scholar must be enrolled as a full-time a PhD student at an Australian university.
  • Have identified their preferred host research institution and supervisors.
  • Be able to demonstrate how their research efforts will be able to achieve real impact.
  • Show a commitment to lifting the skills and capacity of northern Australia, including through the alignment of their efforts within or to key decision-making institutions in the north.
  • Students are required to conform to the administering university’s policies (including disciplinary provisions).


The duration of the full-time PhD Scholarship will be up to three (3) years, including professional development and placements.  Scholarship extensions will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.



An annual report is to be provided to the CRCNA and is to include :

  • Summary of progress made with reference to stated aims of the project.
  • Intellectual Property developed.
  • Identification of project-related issues (including any set-backs or shortcomings) or opportunities.
  • Students are required to present their work annually at a relevant conference, workshop, seminar ( or other suitable and agreed event).

Principal supervisors

An annual report is to be provided to the CRCNA and is to include :

  • Summary of the progress made on research tasks and any difficulties preventing satisfactory progress.
  • Linkages with CRCNA activities.
  • Recommendation on Scholarship continuation.


The CRCNA PhD Scholarship will terminate if the student:

  • Discontinues the research studies for which the scholarship was awarded.
  • Does not conform to the CRCNA’s Conditions of the Award
  • Does not conform to the relevant university participant’s policies.
  • Does not resume research study at the conclusion of a period of approved leave of absence or does not make arrangements for the approval of an extension to the period of leave of absence.
  • The scholarship will be terminated at the end of the pay period in which the student’s thesis is submitted for examination or at the end of the award , whichever is earlier.


  • Students holding an CRCNA Postgraduate Scholarship are expected to devote themselves on a full-time basis to their studies or in the case of part-time enrolments on the approved fractional basis.
  • Scholarship holders may undertake part-time employment under the conditions of the administering university.
  • The head of the department in which a student is enrolled will be responsible for ensuring that part-time employment is not undertaken to the detriment of a scholarship holder’s study program.

Student obligations

  • Join in CRCNA activities, and specifically, attend the annual CRCNA workshop.
  • Students are also expected to be involved in the relevant CRCNA project meetings aligned to their research.
  • Participate in additional professional development and contribute to these as appropriate.
  • Seek approval from CRCNA and relevant university authorities if they intend to vary their enrolment.
  • Apply themselves diligently and to the best of their ability to the successful completion of their degree.
  • Abide by university codes on human and animal experimentation, genetic modification of organisms and the safety and ethics committees of the universities.
  • Conform to the regulations (including disciplinary provisions) of the universities.