The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) has the capacity to commit up to $4.6 million for research collaborations in 2018/19.

We are seeking collaborations to develop new technologies, products and services which address industry issues in Northern Australia within the areas of Agriculture and food, Northern Australian Health Services Delivery and Traditional Owner-led agribusiness or health business development.

Key dates 

  • EOI open – Monday 23 July 2018
  • EOI close – 5pm AEST on Friday 7 September 2018

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The deadline for questions has now closed..

31st August 2018

Q10: What is the % split of funding across the three areas of research in the round two of funding?

A: The board has not committed a set amount to each area of research. The allocation of funding will be depend on the quality of the EOIs received in each research area.

Q9: What would be the expected timeframes for each of the steps in the EOI approval process assuming return of the EOI by the 7 September deadline?
A: Following the Sept 7th due date, the EOIs will be evaluated prior to a board meeting at the end of October. Successful EOIs will be invited to submit a Project Outline fleshing out the details of their project in November 2018. We hope to begin contracting in December 2018.

Q8: How important is it to have large corporate partners vs. SME businesses in northern Australia in our EOI and Proposal?  We have private funders and SME’s, would the proposal be given more weight with funding industry partners as well or is this not necessary?

A: The CRCNA values both large corporate partners and SMEs. The value of a particular organisation’s participation differs from project to project so we don’t believe there’s a one size fits all answer to your question. Ideally we like to see engagement across a cross section of industry participants where possible.

Q7: We were wondering what arrangements are possible as far as IP is concerned? Could we:

  1. Have others use our technology and IP under Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory (RAND) terms?
    A: Yes
  2. Or be distributors of the technology based on a franchise model?
    A: Potentially, we would need to understand specifics of the project more before committing to anything.

Q6: Are you intending on funding basic or applied research?
A: Both but we lean towards applied research.

Q5: Viewed from the perspective of TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) where is the CRCNA sweet spot and where on the development value chain does CRCNA want to fund?  Late stage projects or early? Commercial results or proofs of concept?

A: The CRCNA is not currently prescriptive in the TRL of projects it considers for funding. The CRCNA is interested in new and innovative research that delivers outputs and outcomes with a clear pathway to impact that will deliver and/or foster positive change across Northern Australia as it relates to the strategic outcomes mentioned in the EOI Guidelines.

Q4: We have heard of other CRC’s going 5-10 years, is that not the case with this CRCNA? As we saw the maximum funding duration was 3 years.

A: The CRCNA is funded for 10 years however we are currently running regular funding rounds for projects up to a maximum duration of 3 years.

13 August 2018

Q3: In regards to improved early disease detection – is there a list of specific diseases the CRCNA is interested in?

A: No, however it must:

  • be a disease endemic to Northern Australia or
  • which indigenous communities might be more susceptible to and
  • have the ability to be implemented across rural and remote communities.

Q2: Are clinical service providers within Queensland Health eligible to be industry partners (i.e. Genetic Health Queensland or Pathology Queensland)? Are peak bodies eligible as industry partners – specifically those within the community controlled health service sector?

A: The answer to both questions is yes, clinical service providers and peak bodies are both eligible to be industry partners in CRCNA projects.

Q1: Can a Chinese company be considered as a research partner? 

A: International companies, including Chinese companies, can be Project participants. Please note that projects with strong Australian industry collaborations will be viewed more favourably.