CRCNA Reference number: A.2.1819045
Total project value: $1,211,334
CRCNA funding: $300,000
Project length: 3 years
Completion date: June 2022


  • Central Queensland University (CQU)
  • Agriventis Technologies Pty Ltd (Agriventis)
  • Rockhampton Regional Council
  • R.A.P Services (TRAP Serv)
  • Burdekin-Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc (BBIFMAC)
  • Foxwell Farming
  • G Kennedy and I.J. Kennedy
  • Kenrose Co Pty Ltd
  • Kennedy Valley Farming
  • Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources (NT DPIR)
  • Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (WA DPIR)

Research locations:

  • Rockhampton, QLD
  • Biloela, QLD
  • Burdekin, QLD
  • Tully, QLD
  • Katherine, NT
  • Darwin, NT
  • Kununurra, WA


This project will assess the market and supply chain opportunities available and the environmental and agronomic systems required for producers in northern Australia to adopt five high-value spice crops : cumin, caraway, black sesame, kalonji and fennel – to form the basis of a new industry to meet Australian demand and become an export opportunity.

The initial stages of the project will identify which crops are best suited to grow across the identified agro-ecological zones. Producers will undertake small scale field trials to determine the performance of varieties and evaluation of suitability of the five spice crops, with the view to scale-up to larger field trials in the final year of the project.

Expected outcomes and impact:

  • Development of agronomic guides and varietal assessment reports to enable growers to select the most suitable spices crop for commercial production and follow best agronomic practices to produce a profitable crop.
  • Development and promotion of supply chain pathways to domestic and export markets.
  • An estimated $8.4m in economic activity will be generated at the end of year three of the project, approximately $1.2m in income at farm gate level.