Researchers and aquaculture experts from James Cook University (JCU), CSIRO, Blueshift Consulting, Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA), Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) are working together to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian aquaculture sector and deliver a long-term northern Aquaculture Industry Vision, as part of the CRCNA- funded Situational Analysis of Aquaculture in Northern Australia project.

About the survey

One of the first tools for collecting information about the industry is an online survey of stakeholders, actively engaged, or wanting to engage, in aquaculture in northern Australia.

The aim of the survey is to help researchers identify :

  • the main current and future challenges facing the aquaculture industry in northern Australia
  • the solutions to challenges faced by the aquaculture industry
  • the opportunities for expansion of aquaculture in northern Australia
  • the resources and support required to expand the aquaculture industry
  • the strategic advantages and the opportunities available for producing high-quality, sustainable seafood in northern Australia

The opinions and perspectives gathered as part of this survey will be shared with funding bodies, governments, investors and the broader northern Australian aquaculture industry and will be critical to ensuring:

  • investment is made in commercially viable projects
  • government support is targeted appropriately and provided where it is needed most
  • investment is made in research which will deliver the most impact for the industry

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

The online survey will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete.

How will my responses and information be used?

Survey replies will be confidential. All responses, including names, views and commercially sensitive data, like production and market data, will be de-identified by the JCU team, aggregated and not shared outside the project.

This information is critical to understand the current collective industry position, benchmark this with other successful aquaculture industries, and identify areas of focus to assist with reducing costs, lowering risk, removing barriers and reducing constraints.

A draft Situational Analysis report and northern Australia aquaculture industry Vision 2028 will be shared with survey participants, focus group attendees and other industry stakeholders following the collation of survey and focus group responses. 

Who can take part in the survey?

The survey is open to anyone actively engaged, or wanting to engage in, aquaculture in northern Australia.

This includes:

  • Producers
  • Suppliers
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Government representatives
  • Education and training providers
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Industry peak bodies
  • Investors
  • Potential new entrants

Regional focus groups 

The project team will also be hosting a series of  focus group sessions to further support information captured in the online survey.

These will be held in the following locations at a date and time to be confirmed:

  • Broome
  • Torres Strait
  • Townsville
  • Darwin

To request more information about these focus groups or register your interest to attend please click here


Click here to take the survey

More information

Dr Jennifer Cobcroft – JCU team leader