Reference number: A.1.1718104
CRCNA funding: $227,273 (ex GST)
Total project value: $427,272(ex GST)
Project length: 1 year
Finish date: June 2019


  • Townsville Enterprise Limited
  • NQ Regional Organisation of Councils (NQ ROC)


There is an identified need for collective industry action on transforming North Queensland’s agriculture, production, infrastructure and export sectors to meet existing and future international market demands.

Establishment of a long-term regional investment strategy and a multi-industry agreement is critical to ensuring that North Queensland’s agricultural and supply chain can access the significant growth opportunities that the region possesses.

The project will investigate how North Queensland is currently positioned within its capacity to supply and export internationally to ensure producers within the region are well informed to maximise production opportunities and meet future international agricultural demand.

The research will include initial market assessments, market-based production and supply chain opportunity assessments. It will identify areas of improvement to market access, clarify where policy and regulatory barriers exist and will seek alignment with DFAT, AUSTRADE and TIQ agendas.

The findings will inform a series of recommendations, a collaborative action plan and the development of a framework to assess future growth opportunities, defining high value products in international markets.

Recommendations will include enabling infrastructure and financing pathways, investment opportunities into new greenfield development areas, critical policy changes and the potential formation grower or supply chain cooperatives.

Expected outcomes

  • Additional investment and increased GDP will create multiplier effects in the region, creating jobs not only in agriculture but also other industries in Northern Australia.
  • Total GRP is currently $15,945.931M for North Queensland. ‘Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing’ contributes $564.467M (3.8%) to North Queensland’s GRP and 3,642 (3.5%) to total employment. Increasing agricultural output by 20% or $228M, an additional $168M in output will be injected into the economy.
  • 1,271 FTE jobs for North Queensland
  • This research can be applied to all regions in Northern Australia who can use it to undertake their own assessment of production profiles and supply chains.