Research programs

The CRCNA is funding projects under five research programs:

  1. Building potential in Northern Australia
    Objective: To create and present data and knowledge in a meaningful form that enables investment, strategy development and/or resolution of major policy issues and regulatory harmonisation.
  2. New and developing industries in Northern Australia
    Objective: To grow and improve developing industries and to help establish new industries in Northern Australia in the areas of agriculture, food and tropical health.
  3. Production and supply chain innovation in Northern Australia
    Objective: To deliver research which develops new technologies, efficiencies and approaches to improve the competitiveness, sustainability and productivity of Northern Australian industry.
  4. Building industry and capacity in Northern Australia
    Objective: To build capacity, develop sectors and create prospectuses that enhance investment in agriculture, food and/or health service delivery businesses.
  5. Tropical health service delivery innovation
    Objective: To create strategic breakthroughs that deliver innovation in logistics, business models and service delivery.

Expressions of interest

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Current projects

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Funding calls

The 2018/19 funding call closed in September 2018.
The 2017/18 funding call closed in October 2017.