In the context of the focus for the 2017/18 funding call, the CRCNA Board identified research priorities that are preventing further investment and development in Northern Australia within each of the three funding themes. Projects which address multiple research priorities will be more likely to receive CRCNA investment.

Agriculture and food

  • Address market access barriers and development export opportunities (small and medium enterprises to large corporates).
  • Address major policy and/or regulatory constraints.
  • Have an element that enables workforce development and retention.
  • Create or improve supply chain efficiencies and/or enabling infrastructure.
  • Address issues relating to an industry’s social license to operate.
  • Undertake strategic resource assessment or resolve competing resource uses.
  • Underpin the sustainability of an industry, region or community.
  • Bring new innovation to addressing biosecurity issues.
  • Systemically resolve northern production, productivity or profitability issues.
  • Are focused on innovation and new technologies that will be game changers in agriculture and food production systems.

Tropical health service delivery

  • Have an element that assists in the development of the northern Australian workforce.
  • Promote early detection, health seeking behaviours and mental health services.
  • Assist with prospectus building, policy reform and regional development.
  • Assist with the development of health service delivery sectors including the development of new markets (including export).
  • Are focused innovative logistics, business models and service delivery.
  • Are focused on strategic breakthroughs in health sciences, technologies and products of importance to northern Australia.

Traditional Owner led business development in the fields of agriculture, food and/or health industries

  • Have an element that assists in the development of an industry ready skilled workforce.
  • Build the foundational capacities of Traditional Owners, businesses and institutions.
  • Are Indigenous sector development and prospectus building projects.
  • Relate to ecosystem services sector development.
  • Address key National and/or State policy constraints limiting Indigenous led approaches to development.
  • Support better models for non-Indigenous development interests partnering with Traditional Owners and communities.
  • Deliver knowledge to support Indigenous landholders.
  • Improve frameworks for Indigenous engagement in northern development.