Expressions of interest

The 2017/18 Funding call has closed.


The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) will be investing $75m of Commonwealth funds over the next ten years to support industry-led research collaborations. The funding will develop new technologies, products and services which address industry issues in Northern Australia within three areas:

  1. Agriculture and food
    Removing barriers and improving supply and value chains for new and existing northern agricultural industries.
  2. Tropical health service delivery
    Identifying new models and approaches, early detection, health seeking behaviour and mental health.
  3. Traditional Owner led business development
    Identifying new models and approaches and building an industry ready skilled workforce in the fields of agriculture, food and/or health industries.

In the 2017/18 funding call, the CRCNA Board identified research priorities that are preventing further investment and development in Northern Australia within each of the three funding themes.

The CRCNA is seeking projects that address or remove the most strategic barriers at different and across all scales. Projects which cut across multiple themes and/or address multiple key strategic issues will be more likely to receive CRCNA investment.

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