The CRCNA has identified the following focus areas for round one of funding.

  1. Strategic trade and relationship building

    • Seek alignment with DFAT, AUSTRADE, State/NT Dept. Trade Offices priorities and agendas.
    • Strengthen new or immature industries with little or no existing market access capabilities.
  2. Major policy challenges

    • Identify policy/regulatory barriers to investment including barriers related to water, energy, enabling infrastructure and tenure.
    • Seek alignment with Ministerial Forum including Qld, WA, NT and Commonwealth, Health Roundtable, ONA (COAG), NAIF, Northern RDA Alliance and other pan-northern sectoral priorities.
    • Collate and present data in a meaningful form to enable the development of strategies suitable for the resolution of major policy issues and regulatory harmonisation.
  3. Sector led growth opportunities

    • Support the export of knowledge, skills, technology and expertise that have been developed and perfected within Australia.
    • Include service industries to agriculture, food and health.
  4. Regional/area based projects

    • Support place-based resource and development assessments for priority regions within Northern Australia that help to establish new industries or to grow or improve existing industries.
    • Align with the development priority and investment agendas of the Australian, QLD, WA and NT Governments and RDAs.
  5. Strategic innovation

    • Support the utilisation and development of emerging digital technology.
    • Support the utilisation and development of applied robotics.
    • Support other strategic innovations that will lift human and community capacity.